Thursday, 30 October 2014

All caught up...?

No, I'm not sure what this means, especially since I'm definitely NOT all caught up...

(the baby and cowboy were real-life friends, as evidenced by the original photo, which I took when I was but a youth.)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Random Digital offerings

Because I keep churning it out, here it is.  These photo manipulations (and they are indeed all originally photographs of mine, even though some cease to look like photographs) have become my new way of doodling.  

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Yeah it's been a while.  So what?

Anyways, I've been terribly busy with work but last night I finally had a chance to do something for fun, for me-
I took this old painting:

Blue Jesus Playing a Green Sitar

And I worked on it some more.  Digitally.  I've always loved this painting and considered it one of my favourites if not my absolute favourite.  But there were a few areas that bugged me.  Not to mention that the "professional scan" I got done also had some flaws. Like that light glare over the darker green background, and glare within the black outlining.  Now that I professionally photograph artwork myself, looking back at this old digital copy makes me think I could do a much better job myself.  Which is encouraging.  Anyways, besides correcting the flaws of the scan, I also let myself digitally re-work this whole painting, and the new version, for now, is thus:

But as usual, I couldn't stop there, so I switched things up to make a few more versions:

Maybe I got carried away.  So what?