Friday, 3 January 2014

Photographic Magic

Digital arts.  Here are SOME of the results of my recent explorations of what can happen when I use just light as my paintbrush.   I had taken a bunch of photos of lights a few years back that I started messing with.  Mostly Christmas tree lights.  The original photos themselves were rather fun.   But I started flipping, reversing, and combining them together, and I think I see a great deal of potential here...

I had some comments about what I see in some of these, but I'd rather hear your interpretation- leave me a comment!

Like a Rorschach test- what do you see?

For some reason the style of this one reminds me of Bjork's Vespertine album...

Why put a bird on it when you can add a tree?
(Also, I have bunch of photos of trees and branches I've been doing stuff with... to be posted later )

(And this is the one you may have seen in my blog's background.)

The bad news is that I was working from photos off an old camera with a pretty low file size,  so I'm not sure how big of prints I could get from these without doing some pretty creative upscaling.  But I'm excited to see what I can do with the equipment I have now.

All images © 2014 James Alfred Friesen


  1. (*withOUT doing some creative upscaling)
    Speaking of which, any tips?

    1. I don't know if I could offer any tips. I've played with light as a medium in this way in my photography. I took a photo of a lamp once with a low shutter speed setting while rotated the camera. It was a lamp in a parliament building with stained-glass windows in the background. It turned out pretty good, sort of resembling a fireball hovering there with skewed ghostly fragments of stained-glass windows in the background.

  2. Nice stuff. I especially like the one with the tree. Is "Why add a bird when you can add a tree?" the title of the piece? But I also very much like the idea of each one being like a Rorschach test, inviting the viewer to engage with each piece on a personal, self-reflective level.

    "Like a Rorschach test- what do you see?" Is what the viewer sees really there, or is it what the viewer sees merely a projection of their subconscious?

    Again, great stuff. Thanks for sharing, James.

  3. Thanks Chris! As of yet, none of these have titles. But some may emerge over time...