Friday, 21 February 2014

Random Seascapes...

i've been going through old photos lately, and collecting together my favorites of those that don't belong to any particular collection or outing.  There have been a few scenic photos especially from this last year that I feel are worthy to share.  Some may even make for great big ol' prints to go up on a wall or two.  (Let me know if you are interested!)  

I have enough that I've tried to break them down by theme, so to begin the first of a few photo posts, here are some random seascapes:

Like this one near Stanley Park:

And these two at Cresent Beach:

And also these two from White Rock:

 (This one is my fave.  It'll look really good printed big on canvas)

Also this one from Richmond:

Plus more!
Click the link to see the full slideshow (17 photos)

All images © 2014 James Alfred Friesen

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