Saturday, 31 January 2015

New Series- Yellowed Landscapes

I ain't no Ansel Adams, but I do like taking me some landscape photos from time to time.

This is one of my favorite series so far, from a trip driving from Seattle to Wenatchee, Washington.
I've posted a few of these here and there in various forms, but here are some final versions of my favorites.  The yellows seem to get it just right, in my mind at least.

I do have another series of more spectacular shots I'm still working on from a drive through the rockies to Banff, but when you have 500 shots to work through, it takes a while to narrow it down...

(These pictures have been adjusted for the web and reposted, plus I added a couple.)
(click to enlarge and scroll through)

(There is still a light, off-color band across photos #5 & #6, that only appears once uploaded into Blogger that I can't seem to adjust for.  The original high-res files on my computer still are vastly superior.  I'll probably end up posting these somewhere else eventually anyways.) 

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