Monday, 19 January 2015


Do people still download wallpapers for computer desktops?   
Well, they will now!
Especially since I fashioned some new ones for myself, and am now sharing them with you!

My desktop space can get easily cluttered, and i find it helps to have a desktop image that is simple, and often black and white images work best and help me focus the pertinent items.  

So here's some classy, mostly black&white wallpapers that I've been using, from my photos and artwork, all in the often-used 1920x1080 format (although if your screen is of different proportions, the "Stretch to Fill Screen" option works well with all of these).  I've included some of the full color versions if you're feeling wantonly reckless...

Just click on the title below each image to download the full size image:

Yes, I suppose you could use them for something other than a desktop background, or you could just look at them.  Or you can just go away for all I care.  You never listen to me anyways.

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